German Artist’s Book Exhibition


Erich Paproth, Germany

“From Traditional Artist’s Book Until Artist’s Book Object”


Time: 6 April – 31 May 2013

During six “International Artist’s Book Triennials Vilnius” 45 famous artists from Germany were selected for the Exhibitions. I, us a curator of the Triennials, always happy to had artists from Germany, where is a long-lived tradition of the artist’s book, where are many artist’s books publishing companies, galleries and collectors. Artist’s books made in Germany has specific face and style and we try to show it in our virtual exhibition. We showing the best books of artists from Germany, who participated in our Triennials. I want to believe you will discover the wonderful books that were exposed in Artist’s Book Triennials.

Kestutis Vasiliunas
Curator of the Virtual Gallery

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