Artist’s Book Objects in the “6th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012”

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Artist’s Book Objects in the “6th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012”

T h e m e :    “ L o v e ”

Time: 1 July – 15 August 2013

We want to show artist’s book objects from the “6th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012”.

Here you can see how artists use different materials and techniques, found or made objects to express the same idea – idea of an artist’s book. I call it the idea of an artist’s book, because book-object is something different from artist’s book: it is more idea of book than a book. It is not always has the shape or structure of an artist’s book or book, but it is always has the idea of book. In another way it would be not an artist’s book object, but only (nice or beautiful) art object.


Anne-Maree Hunter made artist’s book object “My honeycomb heart” from paper. Marco Henkenjohann & Maren Rombold use linocut printed on paper together with wood. Banal apple and arrow idea they are transformed into book and arrow. Else Juhl Lundhus made beautiful book “We love our kids” from old index cards and ceramic beads. Gerda Ritzmann create book-heart “Bound in love” from paper and wire. Janis Rudolfs Nedela for his book “Love is in the air” used plastic and laser etched acrylic. Katriona S.W. Persson to express an idea of book took children toy. The book of Lorraine Kwan “Love: ages and stages” made from recycled elements with found objects. The books of Lucas Kunz “Radiograms” and Nancy Hart “Sorrows” use wooden box. Odine Lang for her book “Cor” used construction made from iron wire and Japanese paper and shellac. R.Prost “cut up” the book “Amour” on a wooden table like a piece of meat. The book object “Odi et amo (I hate you, I love you)” of Rasa Januleviciute made from marble. The book “In between” of Sandra BergMozard made as a gift box from paper and digital printed old photos. Su Grierson for her book object “Your words mean everything to me” used porcelain and parchment paper with printed text. Vaso Tsonoglou created book object “Dust and gold – lovely and strange homeland” from clay and gold leaf.

Kestutis Vasiliunas
Curator of the Virtual Gallery

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