Artist’s Books Catalogues now in Kindle eBook edition


Catalogue of the 6th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012 now in Kindle edition and eBook available for readers to purchase on Kindle Store. Start reading the Catalogue instantly on the Kindle devices and free reading apps anywhere and whenever you want.

In Kindle eBook version of the catalogue, which is based on excellent Artist’s Books collection, is a zoom in for Artworks possibility. Clicking or tapping on the device’s touch screen, the every illustration is zoomed in and accentuated, which is helpful to improve catalogue reading and enjoying the ebook use.

eBook-6th-Artists-Book-Triennial-Catalogue-2eBook-6th-Artists-Book-Triennial-Catalogue-3Our partner MB WEBARTS is specialized in the modern eBook creation. We are pleased to offer eBook publishing services to Community members, art book publishers and artists who wants to convert complex art books and catalogues in the well designed eBooks for Android, Apple, Amazon’s Kindle devices, Barnes & Noble, Nook and other eReaders. We working with current and modern eBook standards (KF8 and EPUB3) that supports a subset of HTML5 and CSS3 features. We produce professional eBooks for our clients that represent the textual and visual qualities of the original print editions. Professional programmers and designers make eBook enhancement such as videos, fixed layouts and uniquely stylized art books with original illustrations and fonts.

eBook ISBN 978-609-95592-2-3

Each artist presented with the picture of the Artist’s Book in a separate page of the “6th International Artists Book Triennial Vilnius 2012″ Catalogue. This Catalogue shows different styles, traditions and schools of the Artist’s Books. This original and greatly concentrated collection included the Artist’s Books with a classical structure of the book, and Books-objects, where the idea of the book is retained. Artists use paper, wood, iron, water, ropes, nails, paints, objects, and everything what in their opinion helps to reveal an idea of the Artist’s Book. Most of the books in the Catalogue are unique Artist’s Books, or books in very small edition.

Printed version of the Catalogue got the Diploma in the competition “The Most Beautiful Lithuanian Book 2012″.

Arturas Luckus