Artist’s Books of Motoko Tachikawa

Artist's Book “Morning Noon and Evening – His Last Days”

Artists Books of Motoko Tachikawa



Time: 29 April – 29 May 2022
Virtual Artist’s Book Exhibition in the Artist’s Book Gallery

In this Virtual Artist’s Book Exhibition in the “Artist’s Book Gallery” we would like to present our friend, an artist from Japan – Motoko Tachikawa. 

Motoko Tachikawa lives in France. She creates amazing sensitive artist’s books, combining Eastern and Western art traditions. Motoko Tachikawa participated in the “8th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018”, where she got the Honourable Mention for the artist’s book “Morning Noon and Evening – His Last Days”.


A big part of Motoko Tachikawa’s work is centered around nature. Orchids, petals, photographs of fields, or lately – the series Unwanted Plant – a full body of work revolving around garden weeds. Following the above-mentioned carefully planned ritual, she observed, photographed and scanned hundreds of weeds, collecting them in fine art collages, giving them a wanted, rather than an unwanted role.

The other part of her work revolves around the archival of the passing of time. Whether through mindful observation of objects her small daughter would collect during her childhood (Le trésor de Yukiko), or through the attentive documentation of her father’s medicine on his death bed (Morning, Noon & Night), it seems as the essence of Tachikawa’s work pivots on the everlasting human query of dualism of life and death.
Gabriela Anco


Kestutis Vasiliunas
Curator of the Virtual Artist’s Book Gallery


© Photos: Motoko Tachikawa
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