Artist’s Books of Krassimira Drenska


Artist’s Books of Krassimira Drenska

Time: 8-31 January 2014

Virtual Artist’s Book Gallery presents an artist Krassimira Drenska from Switzerland. She participated in the “6th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012”. Krassimira create artist’s books, prints, collages. For artist’s books she has her own printing technique. Krassimira Drenska was creating together with world famous artists in the “Atelier 17” in Paris.

Krassimira Drenska belongs to an artists group “Forum Künstlerbuch Basel”. She was curators of the Artist’s Book Exhibition „My Word – my Dress“ in Basel.

Kestutis Vasiliunas
Curator of the Virtual Gallery


“Making Books

I started making artist’s books already in 1993, when I created „Emily Dickinson 3 poems“ and have pursued this activity at a steady rhythm of one or two a year. If one could say that drawing and painting, in the course of the years, can become a necessity for an artist, one could also affirm that the making of books could become an addiction for some. This is certainly my case.

There are visual ideas which simply ask for the book form: a book is primarily a development in time, it allows to explore different facets of a given idea, gives it a duration. It also provides the unique pleasure to meditate with the means of an artist on the sensations provoked by texts. The thoughts and emotions stirred while reading a text which touches one, can be relived and shared with others through the creation of an artist’s book.

The incentive to write is another aspect of the making of artist’s books – to venture into unknown territory, to try and use the words not in the way professional writers do, but in one’s own way, often becomes a challenge, but a challenge which brings one a step further in a quest whose end is elusive.” – Krassimira Drenska, January 2014