Artist’s Book Objects – Exhibition of Roberta Vasiliuniene

Artist’s Book Objects of Roberta Vasiliūnienė

Time: 3-29 June 2020
Virtual Artist’s Book Exhibition in the Artist’s Book Gallery


Roberta Vasiliūnienė is one of the best artist’s book creator in Lithuania. She creates artist’s books more than 29 years and created more thank 80 wonderful artist’s books and artist’s book objects in different styles and structures. Almost all her books are unique.


What is artist’s book object? Like Prof. wrote in one article “Artist’s book object is itself an art object, a piece of art.” The piece of art where the idea of an artist’s book is materialized in a form, based on various structures of a book, using different materials.

And maybe the main thing which admire me when I look on artist’s books objects of Roberta is not an idea, although all her books have deep conceptual idea, but wonderful connections of different materials in one piece of art. Ceramic and skin of a snake, paper, metal and dry flower, metal coffee box lids and a prints, glass and found old book… All the material she puts together in an artist’s book object, she does it with great sensitivity and meanings. And all materials have, what is normal, different substance and different colours. We can’t image the book without text (maybe I can), but using a text in artist’s book has certain rules, I would say. A text in an artist’s book is not just text, or it could not be, because if it tells something, it’s already literature… The text in an artist’s book is more than a “literature”, a telling story, it is a conceptual element, a direction to explain the idea of an artist’s book. And here, in artist’s books objects, created by Roberta, are many such found “directions”, texts, or it is better to say words as typographical elements without meaning or with an important sense.

Prof. 2Cent.
Curator of the Virtual Gallery

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