Artist’s Book Exhibition of Students

Adelė Šumkauskaitė

Artist’s Book Course for Master’s Degree Students


Time: 13 May – 2 June 2020
Virtual Artist’s Book Exhibition in the Artist’s Book Gallery

Vilnius Academy of Arts, Graphic Art Department, Vilnius, Lithuania

The purpose of the lectures and artist’s book viewing was to acquaint students with the artist’s book as an interdisciplinary art. To help to understand what an artist’s book is, what its principles are. To learn the history of an artist’s book in relationship with the world of art history, and history of the book. Get acquainted with its structures, and to help understand how old book structures influence the creation of new artist’s books in our time. Also we see how important an artist’s book is now for the modern book design, conceptual art and art installations.

Students created own “artist’s books” and “artist’s book-objects”.

Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas


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