Artist’s Book Exhibition in Basel – Opening in 2013


Basel at night

Artist’s Book Exhibition „My Word – my Dress“



Time: 10 November – 1 December 2013
Location: Gallery “Maison 44”, Basel, Switzerland

Curator Krassimira Drenska invited Kestutis Vasiliunas to arrive on the opening of the artist’s book exhibition in Basel.

Dinner in beautiful house of Krassimira Drenska and Dadi Wirz

It was nice after few years again to return to such beautiful town as Basel, to visit museums and galleries, to walk along the city streets and bridges. The river looks the same like last time, just nobody is swimming in it or jumping from the bridges. The same small white “ferry” transposing people from one side of the river to the other. Special mood in the town create Circus with lights, music and people. Here life is beautiful and easy…

Opening of the artist's book exhibition in Basel

With the Friends

The artist’s book exhibition was opened in beautiful old house-palace, in the Gallery “Maison 44”. Wonderful located building is the old town near St. Paul’s church, near embassy of Germany. It was raining morning, but in “Maison 44” was warm and very friendly atmosphere created by gallery owner Mrs. Ute Stoecklin. On the opening was performed Dadaist artworks. The artist’s book exhibition „My Word – my Dress“ was displayed on two floors in some beautiful halls.

Kestutis Vasiliunas


© Photos: Kestutis Vasiliunas
© Artist’s Book Creators 2013