“Noah’s Ark”

Noah’s Ark

“Noah’s Ark” is a wonderful book for children with excellent illustrations, painted on wooden boards, by the artist Evaldas Mikalauskis. The text of the Bible is adapted for children by Aldona Vasiliuniene. This exclusive book is bounded with canvas. “Noah’s Ark” is the first book of a series of Bible stories for children. This is a non-profit project, which will include the best book artists. This project should help children to love God.

Noah's_Ark_2-3_pageNoah's_Ark_6-7_pageNoah's_Ark_10-11_pageNoah's_Ark_14-15_pageProject, idea and layout: Kestutis Vasiliunas
Text: Aldona Vasiliuniene
Illustrations: Evaldas Mikalauskis
Publisher: Circle “Bokartas”, 2011




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