Motoko Tachikawa “Morning Noon and Evening – His Last Days”

artists-book_Motoko-Tachikawa_Japan-8th-Artists-Book-Triennialartists-book_Motoko-Tachikawa_Japan-8th-Artists-Book-Triennial-2“Honourable Mention” in the 8th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018

“This book was inspired by my father’s illness at the end of his life. He was taking medication on a daily basis.
The book is presented in the form of an agenda, with some blank spaces corresponding to those days when the little pills were forgotten or when he wasn’t able to take them.
Then he passes away.
The pages are waxed and slightly crumpled, to evoke the skin of a very old person.
Human beings try to hold onto life but the end always arrives.
I created this book on the theme of « Mémento mori ».
However, this is a criticism of our way of life on a humorous note.”
Motoko Tachikawa